Everyday Hustle Journal
Everyday Hustle Journal

Everyday Hustle Journal

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All my life I’ve gone against the grain. Stereotypes. Societal Expectations. Culture.

While wearing hijab, I played competitive golf, authored and published books, and addressed an audience of thousands. As a South Asian Muslim woman, I faced oppressive stereotypes and limiting cultural expectations.
And I broke through them all.

Despite failure and tragedy, I kept going, even when no one believed in me. It’s a story of the legacy of womanhood of the power each and every one of us holds within us.

I’m not interested in listing my accolades. I want to talk about purpose. To describe the mindful daily decisions to contribute to a goal bigger than me. For anyone that feels low, unmotivated, limited, or inadequate, this is for you. Now’s the time to rethink your goals, pen new dreams, and focus on self-improvement.

Know this: You can achieve anything. Tie your dreams to making the world a better place and watch the universe carry you through.